about the book

Author Julie Bergman spins an intricate web of intrigue, murder, dark secrets and DEADLY VENGEANCE into a provocative and suspenseful story of courage in the face of conflict and betrayal.

Jake Trenton, Seattle-based CEO of Trenton Steel Industries, leads a hectic but fairly routine life. Then, on a warm summer’s evening, with the click of a button and an ensuing explosion, Jake’s life alters in unthinkable ways.

A frightening pattern emerges as highly sophisticated bombs sweep through Trenton Steel Industries’s West Coast mills, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

In the midst of the troubles plaguing his company, Jake is drawn to Annie Prescott. A tragedy in Annie’s life has made her wary of any serious relationships, but Jake is determined to break through her defenses. Despite Annie’s resolve to remain detached, she admires Jake. A man of principle and strong character, she finds his annoying, but often charming, attention difficult to resist.

When written communiqués from the bomber reveal a personal vendetta against Jake, he distances himself from Annie to protect her. Then the unspeakable happens, and Jake and the FBI-led task force must claw through a maze of murder and lethal secrets to discover a stunning impetus of revenge. Still, Jake and Annie have yet to face the deadliest danger of all.

Can Jake and Annie escape the clutches of death or will they fall prey to the trap of DEADLY VENGEANCE?

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