about the author
“At the age of 9, I read my first adult novel, To Kill a Mockingbird . That book and so many others opened up new worlds for me. My hobbies are few but, as long as I have a book in hand, I can claim to be a woman of unlimited interests.”

Dear Readers, Welcome. I hope you’ll feel at home while browsing my website. Please do check out my new suspense novel, DEADLY VENGEANCE. On the excerpt page of the website you will find the first chapter of the book. I hope this peaks your interest so much that you’ll want to discover the thrilling adventures found throughout the book.

Now, a bit about me... I grew up in Jamestown, North Dakota where life seemed slow and easy. Perhaps that was only youthful perspective; but, as my husband and I migrated further West, first to Montana and then to Seattle, life got a lot faster and a whole lot busier. Naturally, working and raising three boys kept us on the go. They’re now grown men and, thankfully, live close by.

The Seattle area is truly a dream. Yes, it does rain, but when the clouds part and the sun shines there is the clearest, brightest, bluest sky you’ll ever see. Snow-topped Cascade Mountains to the east, Olympics to the west, sparkling sapphire waters all around, vibrant green landscape everywhere! The Emerald City is an amazing place to live and write. My husband, Lou, tripped over one too many books lying around the house, so he designed and built me a home library. That’s where I spend the majority of my day in front of my laptop plotting along with my characters, hopefully, to present you with a great book.

I appreciate you stopping by my website. May you be filled with enjoyable hours of reading!

My warmest regards,


Julie Bergman is the author of DEADLY VENGEANCE, a novel of suspense set against the backdrop of the steel industry.  Her extensive background in technical writing and research adds scientific elements to powerful characters and sharp-edged suspense. 

Julie resides in the Seattle area with her husband, Lou. They have three grown sons who also live in the area, making the empty nest bearable. She is now a full-time author working on Death Within – the assassination of a high-ranking state official and an interlacing web of murder sweeping Seattle’s homeless community.