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Congratulations, Julie! DEADLY VENGEANCE wins…

"Finalist 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards" Book Publishing Professionals Group

"Pacific Northwest Writers Association" Excerpt from DEADLY VENGEANCE chosen to be read at the “Word Is Out” in Tacoma, Washington

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A steel tycoon, entangled in a web of industrial sabotage and long-held grudges… in the shadows, a formidable enemy lurks. When Jake inherited Trenton Steel from his father, he also inherited a fearsome rival who desires nothing more than to destroy the things and people dear to Jake, one by one.

This… thriller… inhabits a richly detailed world of steel manufacturing… in its pages, you’ll find a handsome, vulnerable tycoon; a brainy but stunning intellectual; and a working man who persuades himself he’s not nearly good enough for the [women he loves] There are even faithful family retainers and a made-to-order English country home, complete with a ballroom.


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In DEADLY VENGEANCE hundreds of lives are in danger as a terrorist unleashes deadly bombs on the Trenton Steel Industries’ West Coast mills. An intricate web of intrigue, murder, and dark secrets is spun into real life issues facing many of us today. You will experience the raw emotions of fear, anger, desperation and helplessness. You’re at the mercy of a terrorist who has no mercy in his soul.
ISBN13 (TP) : 978-1-4257-5173-9
ISBN13 (HB) : 978-1-4257-5174-6